Federal Crimes

Few situations are as frightening as feeling as if the full force of the federal government is aligned against you. Our attorneys are well versed in handling federal crimes in the federal courts system and can serve as both knowledgeable guides and allies throughout the process.

Federal charges can be brought by a variety of entities, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service and the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, to name just a few.

Examples of federal crimes include:

  • Federal Tax Fraud or Tax Evasion
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Medicare Fraud
  • Mail or Wire Fraud
  • Welfare Fraud
  • Social Security Fraud
  • Bank or Mortgage Fraud
  • Bank embezzlement
  • Interstate Federal Drug Trafficking
  • Internet and Website Federal Crime
  • Sex trafficking
  • Child pornography charges
  • Racketeering

As a rule, federal charges tend to be harsher than state charges. For example, on a federal child pornography charge of knowingly possessing or accessing with the intent to view any child pornography, penalties may be up to 10 years in prison and an optional fine for a first offense. Under Michigan state law, possession of child pornography can result in penalties of up to 4 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.  This stark difference in severity is why defendants facing federal crimes need proven, competent legal counsel well versed in the federal court system.

Michigan residents also may encounter the federal court system if they are not accused of a crime but are subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury.

Federal Crimes - Law Offices of Wade D. McCann
Federal Crimes - Law Offices of Wade D. McCann
Federal Crimes - Law Offices of Wade D. McCann